Our History

there are two stories to tell

The history of the Pagoda

Once upon a time there was a lake.

Its origin dates back to the mists of time, between the fifth and fourth centuries BC. At the behest of Ferdinand II of Bourbon, a passage was opened in this lake so as to put it in communication with the surrounding sea and what is still today the port of Ischia was born. A large party was organized for its inauguration and the king attended it at the highest point of the small hill which is located at the mouth of the port and on which he wanted to build an oriental-style villa called “La Pagoda” from which the bay takes its first name.


The Pagoda Hotel is a suggestive lifestyle hotel characterized by a private descent to the sea on a rock platform equipped with comfortable and exclusive solarium areas. The structure develops in height and, on each floor, it is possible to enjoy the sea view which offers truly suggestive views and colors.


All the services of the structure are studied in detail to make the guest experience an emotional journey rather than a holiday.