Legal Notes

Privacy policy and legal notes of Pagoda Lifestyle Hotel Ischia


Tourist italia s.r.l. is committed to protecting the confidentiality of personal data of users of its services.

This policy summarizes the principles and procedures adopted by Tourist italia s.r.l. for the management of personal data and contains a description of the type of data we collect and the processing we perform on them.

Any personal data provided will be processed in accordance with this document. Sirenide Società Agricola s.r.l. invites visitors to its Web site to read the privacy policy below.


Pursuant to Legislative Decree. 196/2003, Tourist italia s.r.l.. Ensures compliance with data protection regulations. In particular, Tourist italia s.r.l. pursues a level of accuracy of information sufficient to minimize the possibility of inaccurate data being used, and is committed to correcting or supplementing data that is incorrect or insufficient, so as to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information.

Use of the site does not necessarily involve the transmission of information that can identify you, such as your name, address, e-mail address, etc., i.e., that information defined as “Personal Data.”

This document and the “Privacy Policy” must be read and accepted before submitting any personal information and completing any electronic form on the site. Continuing the voluntary transmission of your data through our site indicates your acceptance of the terms contained in the “Privacy Policy.”

Respect for privacy by employees of Tourist italia s.r.l.

Tourist italia s.r.l.. promotes its employees’ and contractors’ respect for high moral values, conduct and integrity in their work activities, requiring them to ensure the proper use of personal information and confidentiality of confidential personal information.

Only employees and collaborators specifically authorized by Tourist italia s.r.l. may access your data of a personal nature; in addition, all collaborators and employees must comply with the procedures contained in this document, under penalty of disciplinary measures provided for by law and collective bargaining.


Tourist italia s.r.l. has the right to make technical and content changes to the structure of the site as well as to vary the manner of access to the site and its parts at its absolute discretion.

Browsing our site requires the user’s acceptance of the terms of this “Privacy Policy” document. If you do not agree, in whole or in part, with what is stated here, please leave our site and do not send any data of a personal nature through it.


In the context of this document, the term “personal data” means any information that identifies an individual or user of the site, such as: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

Data use

Personal data provided are used in the ways indicated below.

Purpose of collecting personal data: We collect only the personal data necessary for the purpose for which such data are transmitted by the user.

User ID and password: Provide access to sections containing confidential information and protected content.

E-mail correspondence: Allows responding to issues, suggestions and questions of various kinds.

Scope of data communication and transfer

For the purposes strictly instrumental to the management of the services you have requested, or to answer any questions you have submitted, Tourist italia s.r.l. communicates some of your data to third parties, either to fulfill specific legal obligations or to carry out the requests you have submitted. The detailed list of said subjects is available at the Tourist italia s.r.l. headquarters and can be accessed by e-mail,

Your data will not be the subject of transfer abroad.

Security measures

By agreeing to provide data of a personal nature, you should be aware of the risks inherent in the transmission of information over the Internet.

Access to personal data is restricted exclusively to employees who require it to perform their work. In some cases, there may be a need to disclose personal data to third parties, solely for the purposes stated in this document.

Data retention

Tourist italia s.r.l. declares that, unless otherwise advised, data of a personal nature are kept for as long as necessary for the purposes of data collection and/or processing and are updated only at the explicit request of the person concerned.

Site structure

Surreptitious data collection: The browser on our site transmits to the Web server only the information strictly necessary to establish communication, without using techniques that allow invisible processing of personal data.

Cookies : Through our site we also collect information about your computer’s navigation on our site. This is made possible by the use of so-called cookies, which are small text files that, transferred to the hard disk of our visitors’ computers, allow us to know the frequency of your visits and collect data on the type of browsing you do. You can, however, object to the recording of cookies by appropriate configuration of your web browser. In case you prefer to disable cookies in your browser, you will still be able to access most of our Web site.

Links to other Web sites: Tourist italia s.r.l. provides links to third-party Web sites. Since Tourist italia s.r.l. does not control such Web sites, we recommend that you review the privacy notices posted on those sites and all others.