For the island and beyond

Being on an island, even more so on a "Green Island", it was almost a duty to design the new hotel with great attention to sustainability.

Respecting the environment, starting from reducing energy consumption, is in fact one of the musts of the management of the Pagoda Lifestyle Hotel, designed to respond as much as possible to the needs of ecologically aware customers.

We then start fromTHE USE OF WATERTHE USE OF WATERalways precious when one finds oneself operating on an island where supply is still difficult, and for heating the same for sanitary purposes, in particular the production of domestic hot water, which with a view to achieving a notable reduction in consumption energy, provides a refrigeration system served by the heat pumps of the air conditioning system which uses the heat of the refrigerant gas of the air conditioning circuit, which would otherwise be dissipated. This innovative system also guarantees better performance characteristics with lower maintenance costs. The heat pumps themselves are almost entirely powered by solar energy.

Among the solutions chosen by Pagoda there are also the use of reducers in taps and showers and filtering systems, while all the systems were created according to the latest regulations in force and in compliance with the logic of maximum energy saving. Reducing the carbon footprint also means sourcing locally, and so Pagoda has chosen to use local products as much as possible, thus reducing transport costs and fuel consumption: a practice that is not only eco-friendly but contributes also to support local communities.

Choosing an eco-friendly hotel means actively contributing to the protection of the environment, ensuring that future generations can enjoy our world as we know it today. Be part of the change and embrace eco-sustainability.

Even the soaps are strictly green, having been chosen from the best quality recycled ones, while the entire structure is plastic free to prevent millions of tons of plastic from ending up in our oceans every day. For example, reusable glass alternatives were preferred to plastic water bottles.

La paper in turn has been almost completely eliminated by Pagoda, since it has been chosen as much as possible to opt for digital solutions in all areas of the hotel, while the staff themselves are trained to encourage eco-friendly behavior among guests, such as turning off the lights when they leave the room or reusing towels.



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