Things to do emotions to experience

Ischia, an island of emotions to be experienced. From our facility you can experience nature with walks and swims that will take you to unique places.



A day dedicated to wellness, decontracting massage, detox herbal tea, defatiguing shower.



A special time to get lost watching the horizon turn red, and the sun meet the sea.



An egogastronomic itinerary, featuring Mediterranean Ischitan dishes and wine tasting.


Experiencing the sea

Explore the seabed, and see the “ripple mark” small sand dunes that inspired the walls of our lobby.


Areas of crystal clear water and cold water springs


For hiking enthusiasts

From the Pagoda liestyle Hotel it is possible to take original walking routes ala discovery of breathtaking landscapes and villages.

Experience the island

Our proposals for getting around Ischia and getting to know the most beautiful and hidden places

With the support of our team you will be able to visit hidden coves, taste wines and typical local products and experience an infinite number of emotions that await you to make your stay an even more special holiday.

Private Tour to the Aragonese Castle

Discover the secrets of the ancient castle that dominates the village of Ischia Ponte.
Our Private driver will take care of your pick up.
Duration 3 hours

Private Tour to S. Angelo

A picturesque fishing village, on the opposite side of the island.
The tour includes a private driver and one-hour stop in S.Angelo
Duration 3 hours

Tour of The Island

A tour to discover the most evocative and hidden places on the island.
A dive into the history of the island and its inhabitants.
Duration 4 hours

Wine Tour

An experience of taste and flavor with a visit to the vineyard
The tour includes a private driver


On board the most famous three-wheeler in Italy, discovering panoramas, villages and alleyways

The guide will be careful in describing the history, archaeology, geology as well as the folklore and traditions of Ischia. Your apecar will be your passport to access the local lifestyle.

Each stop will be an opportunity to convey the essence of the place to you. You will drink an authentic Neapolitan coffee and visit a local winery where you will taste typical products and sip wine drawn directly from the barrels. On the back seat of the three-wheeler you will find a Polaroid camera for taking instant photos. This way, you will create your own vintage photo album capturing the most beautiful views of the island.


The sea, which gives life to the Earth

An underwater experience to admire different animal species, volcanic craters and volcanic gas emissions. A detailed briefing will illustrate the characteristics of the seabed you will explore.

Once you reach the dive site, an expert diving instructor will accompany you throughout the exploration. Our sea offers different scenarios: Caves Volcanic craters Different animal species.

The time spent in the seabed will depend on the depth reached, generally around 45 minutes. At the end, you will have the opportunity to discuss and ask for any clarifications on what you observed.


On board, among the most evocative scenery of the green island

Are you ready to set sail on a characteristic Mediterranean boat, with an expert “sea dog” and a knowledgeable local guide? You will enjoy the beauty of the area seen from the sea and you will be able to swim in the most beautiful and inaccessible bays by land.

The guide will illustrate the geological characteristics and the beauty of the landscapes in which history, architecture and folklore are intertwined; the expert sea dog, however, will enrich the guide’s information with anecdotes and curiosities of the local seafaring experience.

During special stops you will have the opportunity to snorkel and swim in sea caves. The navigation will then continue to discover the wildest part of the island of Ischia, until returning to the starting point.


Fine local wines that enhance the nature of the island lands

Awarded as the best winery of 2019 at Vinitaly, it also boasts another coveted award, thanks to Vigna del Lume, elected the best white wine in Italy. The Mazzella winery offers a tour of the new barrel cellar inaugurated in 2023 with a tasting of 4 of the company’s wines, accompanied by a selection of cured meats and cheeses. All enriched by the story of the Mazzella family history and their philosophy.


An extraordinary place that Mother Nature wants to give to the Island of Ischia

Sorgeto is an inlet of indescribable beauty, with hyperthermal waters that emerge from the seabed at a temperature of almost 90°, thus creating a precious mixture of sea water/thermal water.

A real outdoor thermal park available free of charge to everyone. Reachable both by sea and on foot via a steep flight of stairs starting from the village of Panza, it is a real relief to indulge in its mixture of hot-cold, sweet-salty, enjoying one of the most wonderful sunsets you could ever imagine.


Learn local fishing techniques, cook your catch on board and swim in the crystal clear waters

Naviga  verso un’avventura nelle acque del Mediterraneo fino al punto in cui calare le lenze, armati di pazienza e buona volontà.

Il pescatore ti svelerà i trucchi su: quali lenze usare, le esche migliori a seconda dei pesci che si intendono prendere, gli ami e i nodi migliori per legarli alle lenze, come leggere i segni della corrente sull’acqua e come servirsene per la pesca.

Terminata la pesca in barca raggiungeremo le acque cristalline di una baia esclusiva in cui poter fare una nuotata; per poi accendere la brace e preparare a bordo il pescato.

N.B: L’esperienza non è di tipo invasivo, in quanto l’obiettivo è quello di apprendere questa arte di sopravvivenza e sostentamento dei popoli.


An immersion among the archaeological ruins and caves of the Marine Reserve Area

A dive into the sea that contains history and animal and plant species typical of the Mediterranean Sea. The Marine Protected Area is a submerged encyclopedia. By boat you will reach the various diving spots for snorkeling. The first archaeological itinerary will allow you to admire submerged finds and enter an authentic Roman nymphaeum.

The second of a biological nature will make you discover the species that populate the Mediterranean Sea and that reproduce in the Marine Protected Area. You will conclude the journey by swimming through a huge natural Jacuzzi, thanks to the underwater emission of CO2 caused by the strong volcanic activity.


Traditions and cuisine to live just like an Ischia native

You will begin this experience by observing a mosaic that tells the traditions of the island.  Afterwards, you will join a local family to cook and eat just as tradition dictates.

You will manually participate in the preparation of the dishes and, during cooking, you can go to the cellar for a tasty aperitif, tapping the wine directly from the barrel. And finally, at the table. Like during a typical Italian Sunday with the family, to eat lunch together.


An ancient manor, a guide to relive its history and an aperitif served in a secret garden, where time seems to have stopped

As the sun goes down it will be time to live a unique and fascinating experience in one of the most emblematic places of Ischia: the ancient Aragonese Castle.

A medieval citadel where all the inhabitants of the island lived until 200 years ago. Accompanied by our expert historical guide, you will have the opportunity to access this impregnable fortress and enter its most inaccessible rooms. The guided tour will develop along the route that leads to the monastery of the Poor Clares, with an adjoining cemetery (the ancient putridarium where the nuns were once left to decompose); the Cathedral with its frescoed crypt, the Bourbon prison, and also the paths, the millstone, the old houses, the churches and a breathtaking view.

The tour will end in the private garden of the Monastery, a place suspended in time, where you can enjoy an excellent aperitif.


Un angolo di paradiso per vivere un’esperienza unica e indimenticabile di pace e serenità, immersi nelle preziose acque termali dal potere benefico e distensivo.

Piscine termali e marine, bosco, giardino, aiuole rigogliose, il mare e la roccia vulcanica: tutto racchiuso in un unico luogo, magico e affascinante.  È il Negombo, un parco idrotermale situato nella baia di San Montano a Ischia.

Con le sue 13 piscine di varia tipologia e temperatura, il bagno turco, vasche idromassaggio, percorsi Kneipp e la spiaggia privata, il Parco termale del Negombo offre la cornice perfetta per lasciarsi alle spalle lo stress e concedersi momenti di spensieratezza.

Un angolo di paradiso per vivere un’esperienza unica e indimenticabile di pace e serenità, immersi nelle preziose acque termali dal potere benefico e distensivo.


A magical symphony of nature, an ode to the beauty that passes through time

Mortella is a floral masterpiece born in 1958 and loved for 50 years by Lady Susan Walton, the visionary wife of the famous composer Sir William Walton.

It extends over an area of ​​approximately 2 hectares and hosts a vast collection of exotic and rare plants, which is enriched year after year; due to the variety and richness of the collections La Mortella can be considered like a botanical garden.

Exploring this green treasure is a journey into the soul of those who have transformed a dream into reality, an emotional experience that embraces anyone who crosses the threshold of this floral paradise.


Enjoy a complete tour of the island to discover views, panoramas, neighborhoods and alleys

On board an (automatic) scooter, accompanied by a local guide, you will take a panoramic tour of the island in search of views, panoramas, neighborhoods and alleys of Ischia.

There will be an (automatic) scooter available and a helmet included, while the guide will follow you with his own scooter. At each stop the guide will take the opportunity to transfer some of the local knowledge. You will drink the best coffee in the most popular cafe and taste a traditional bruschetta with a glass of wine. It will be a 360° tour around the island of Ischia, living like a “local” and learning the latest trendy Italian habits.


The light of the seabed revealed during a night snorkeling

A sparkling experience, to swim in the sea that lights up and admire the beauty of the light of the Noctiluca Scintillans. First you will be taught in the classroom by a marine biologist on the characteristics of this rare phenomenon.

With an expert diving instructor you will prepare the equipment and finally, by boat you will reach a pristine bay to admire all the brightness of the phenomenon and you will swim among myriads of sparks.

And if by chance you were to poke your head out of the water, the shimmer persists with an imposing Milky Way stretching to the horizon line.



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